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Waste Stream Characterization Simulation


Waste stream refers to the complete flow of waste from its source through to recovery, recycling or final disposal.

What is a waste stream characterization simulation study? Waste stream characterization simulation is a method of categorizing disposed materials into identifiable categories and analyzing them by using computational tools.

The general purpose of waste characterization simulation is to promote sound management of waste by creating a baseline dataset to improve future waste stream reduction and transfer activities.

The cement production and waste stream in the cement plant.Figure 1. The cement production and waste stream in the cement plant. (Cuzman, O. A. 2015)

Application of Perform a Waste Stream Characterization Simulation Study?

  • Study the waste of a chemical process by providing weights and volumes for their outflow material streams.
  • Create a baseline measurement for waste transfer activities that will serve as a map of the material disposal system in the facility.
  • Provide accurate and precise data to determine where waste reduction and transfer activities have the greatest impact.
  • Investigate what is in their waste and at what level by conducting waste stream characterization simulation studies.

Our Characterization and Simulation Can Determine the Following:

  • The size, capacity, and design of facilities to manage the waste.
  • The potential for recycling or composting portions of the waste stream.
  • The effectiveness of waste reduction programs, recycling programs, or bans on the disposal of certain materials.
  • Potential sources of environmental pollution in the waste.

Our services

Alfa Chemistry provides waste stream characterization simulation for you. Our teams are capable of performing multiple computational simulation technologies which are useful in comprehensively characterizing waste stream in the whole chemical system. Our waste stream characterization simulation services include the following:

  • We provide modelling, evaluation and optimization for the integrated process of the chemical industry. Combining manufacturing and environmental operation models, we can design and evaluate manufacturing and pipe end treatment processes at the same time, and minimize waste through pollution prevention and pollution control.

  • Alfa Chemistry offers computer-aided process design, simulation and scheduling tools, waste streams characterization can be achieved through process simulation and equipment design.

  • Our teams can use various computational simulation tools to evaluate waste destruction in chemical process systems, in which three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics is coupled with detailed chemical kinetic data for the simulation of destruction process of chemical agents.

  • We can predict the way agent-containing materials will behave under several different conditions using kinetic data for biological agent destruction derived from bench- and pilot-scale experiments.

  • We can evaluate potential operating conditions to help guide testing activities and develop operational scenarios for difficult-to-manage waste streams.

Waste stream characterization simulation provides an effective way to optimize the chemical process. Our waste stream characterization simulation services remarkably reduce the cost, promote further experiments, and enhance the understanding of chemical process for customers worldwide. Our personalized and all-around services will satisfy your innovative study demands. If you are interested in our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are glad to cooperate with you and witness your success!


  • Cuzman, O. A. Bacterial "Masons" at Work with Wastes for Producing Eco-cement. International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, 2015, 6(10): 767.

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