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Synthesis of APIs & Intermediates


What Are APIs And Intermediates?

APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and intermediates are both important components in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs, but they have different roles and functions. APIs are the active ingredients in medicines that provide the desired therapeutic effect. They are responsible for the pharmacology of drugs and are the main components that give them their medicinal properties. While intermediates are compounds used to produce APIs, and they are intermediate steps in the synthetic process that ultimately lead to the formation of the final API.

The synthesis of APIs and intermediates involves multiple steps such as chemical reactions, purification and separation. Traditional API and intermediate synthesis is a time-consuming, costly and complex process. Fortunately, with the rapid development of various computer technologies, automation systems and on-line analysis systems, the synthesis process of APIs and intermediates is gradually developing towards high efficiency, automation, scale and standardization.

For example, a continuous synthesis line can integrate different common reaction steps, namely nitration, substitution, and hydrogenation, for the automated synthesis of the target API mesalamine from 2-chlorobenzoic acid.

Overview of the continuous synthesis process.Overview of the continuous synthesis process. [1]

Our Automated API And Intermediate Synthesis Services

At Alfa Chemistry, we are proud to offer cutting-edge automated synthesis services of APIs and intermediates. Our team of skilled chemists use the latest technologies and equipment to produce high quality compounds with speed and precision.

Synthetic Route Design and Screening

Synthetic Route Design and Screening Synthetic Route Design and Screening

Our services begin with initial consultation and project planning to ensure that we fully understand our clients' needs and goals. Harnessing the power of computer aided synthetic planning (CASP), Alfa Chemistry can help you design and explore new synthetic routes and select the best route based on specific criteria in the generated routes.

Automated Synthesis Platform

Automated Synthesis Platform Automated Synthesis Platform

Our automated parallel synthesis platform is equipped with the most advanced technologies, including a series of high-throughput automated synthesis systems and multifunctional automated synthesis systems, etc. Common reaction types suitable for high-throughput automation include metal-catalyzed coupling reactions, photoredox reactions, electrochemical reactions (microfluidics), etc.

Comprehensive Analysis Service

Comprehensive Analysis Service Comprehensive Analysis Service

Yield, physical properties (such as solid-state chemistry), and chemical purity are key considerations during the synthesis and production of APIs and intermediates. Combined with advanced on-line analysis systems, Alfa Chemistry provides reliable stability, purity, analytical methods and quality control testing procedures.

Choose Alfa Chemistry

We use these automated tools and unrivaled expertise to synthesize complex APIs and intermediates quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest quality standards. In addition, it can also ensure the standardization of the experimental process, avoid human errors, and high experimental consistency.

At Alfa Chemistry, our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality automated synthesis services of APIs and intermediates. To get started with our services, or to speak to one of our expert team members about our capabilities, please contact us today.


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