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Process Optimization


Manufacturing of most chemicals in a large-scale is a multi-step process involving multi-step of reaction, neutralization, crystallization or precipitation of solids, filtration, washing and drying. Optimization of chemical processes is to adjust all the above processes to ensure none of the processes becomes the bottle-neck that may decrease the production capacity. In addition, optimization of the chemical process also emphasizes the adjustment of the size of various equipment in the chemical process by selecting the capacity of the process equipment to match its capacity with the output from the equipment upstream. Any mismatch during the design or operation period will lead to the loss of productivity and insufficient utilization of the facilities. Chemical process optimization is therefore particularly important.

Advantages of Process Optimization

  • Improve the performance of the reactor.
  • Reduce reaction time.
  • Increase productivity.

Optimization Process

  • Data collection

Screen and correct data collected from the process site.

  • Steady state model establishment

Input the corrected data to the basic model to construct adjustable parameter values in the steady-state model.

  • Optimized model establishment

Select a set of independent variables as decision variables, and provide constraints and objective functions on the basis of the steady-state model. Constraints include equipment and product quality requirements. The objective functions are generally output, profit, etc.

  • Optimization calculation

Aim of optimization calculation is to ensure that the objective function reaches the maximum or minimum under the constraint conditions through continuously change each decision variable.

Optimization process.Figure 1. Optimization process. (Anderson, M, B.; et al. 2000)

Our services

At Alfa Chemistry, a variety of chemical process simulation technologies are available. Our simulation and optimization process include: drawing flowcharts, defining components, selecting thermodynamic calculation methods, defining feed logistics, running simulations, and outputting results. Our process simulation services include the following:

  • Alfa Chemistry supports the use of AspenPlus in which the latest calculation method is used to accurately calculate the unit and the whole process. Our groups establish the unit operation model to evaluate the existing devices and processes, and optimize the design of them.

  • Our teams use Pro/Ⅱ to simulate complex chemical processes, evaluate different devices, optimize and improve existing devices and processes.

  • At Alfa Chemistry, we also apply Hysys software with built-in physical property prediction system and artificial intelligence to dynamically simulate chemical processes, assisting in the operation optimization.

  • We have applied ChemCAD for dynamic simulation and model calculation of large-scale chemical processes. Our scientists use it to analyze all unit operations and process calculations, and perform economic evaluation and design of the optimization process through the data obtained.

  • Considering that the behaviour of fluids in a process system can directly impact how effective that process is, computational fluids dynamics models are built to provide a detailed understanding of flow distribution, pressure losses, heat transfer, particulate separation, collection efficiency, etc., aiming to achieve a more efficient process through better designs.

  • Pinch analysis is a general methodology for optimization which is developed based on the principles of process integration. We also apply it in the production capacity de-bottlenecking, and management of chemical species in complex manufacturing processes.

Our Capabilities

  • We can design and validate the optimized process best suited to your plans, and build a one-tube pilot reactor customized to whichever extent required.
  • We ensure high process control with our proprietary temperature control and heat removal technology.
  • Our models can be constructed to provide clear and comprehensive flow visualizations that help to get to the cause of problems quickly, and to test alternative solutions efficiently, thus resulting in lower costs and shorter time for optimization.

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

  • At Alfa Chemistry, we specialize in optimization of chemical process in a manner that bottlenecks in the chemical process are avoided by properly designing and/or selecting the process equipment and utilities.
  • Combined various calculated approaches using principles of fluid flow, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, we help to determine the optimal set of operating parameters.
  • Our scientists also have the specific knowledge on how the P and I Diagram works with the chemical reactors.
  • Our optimization design for your processes is safe and cost-effective.

Process optimization provides an effective way to optimize the chemical process. Our process optimization services remarkably reduce the cost, promote further experiments, and enhance the understanding of chemical process for customers worldwide. Our personalized and all-around services will satisfy your innovative study demands. If you are interested in our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are glad to cooperate with you and witness your success!


  • Anderson, M, B.; et al. Missile Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms. Journal of Spacecraft & Rockets, 2000, 37(5): 663-669.

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