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Pharmaceutical Solid State Chemistry


Advanced Solid State Chemistry Computation Services

In today's dynamic and competitive pharmaceutical industry, the need for efficient drug discovery and development processes has never been greater. The ability to accurately predict the physicochemical properties and behavior of pharmaceutical compounds is critical to ensuring the success of drug development.

Alfa Chemistry understands the important role of solid-state chemistry in pharmaceutical research and is committed to providing cutting-edge pharmaceutical solid-state chemical computation services. We have a team of experienced chemists and state-of-the-art computing resources focused on solid-state chemistry to support demystification of the solid-state properties of pharmaceutical compounds.

Relying on the advanced solid-state chemical computing platform, Alfa Chemistry accelerates your solid-state chemical research by predicting solid-state properties such as crystal form, polymorph, solubility, stability and physical properties. These insights are critical to formulating high-quality pharmaceuticals with enhanced performance and stability.

Pharmaceutical Solid State Chemistry

Computational Solutions for Solid State Chemistry

Solid State Screening

01 Solid State Screening

Due to the phenomenon of polymorphism, drug molecules usually have various solid forms such as free state, salt, and co-crystal. The differences in the physical and chemical properties of these different solid forms are related to the bioavailability of drugs and other key factors. Therefore, the screening research of solid state forms of drugs has become an indispensable part of drug development. Our state-of-the-art computational tools enable fast and accurate solid form screening, including:

  • Crystal Form Screening
  • Salt screening
  • Cocrystal Screening
  • Cocrystal former selection
  • Counterion selection
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02 Crystal Form Prediction

Alfa Chemistry conducts crystal structure prediction (CSP) of drug molecules through advanced computer simulations, which can screen out a small number of well-defined potential crystal structures with high efficiency and high precision, thus simplifying the experimental steps. Our prediction services cover a wide variety of crystal systems, including:

  • Polymorph
  • Salt
  • Eutectic
  • Hydrate/Solvate
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Crystal Form Prediction

Crystal Habit Prediction

03 Crystal Habit Prediction

Combining a variety of crystal growth models and computational tools, Alfa Chemistry can predict the morphology or shape of a crystal based on its chemical structure and growth conditions. This involves understanding the mechanisms of crystal growth and the factors that affect crystal shape, such as temperature, pressure, solution concentration and pH. We use this information to create models and simulations to predict crystal morphology and size, etc.

  • Predicting Crystal Growth Mechanisms
  • Predicting Crystal Growth Rates
  • Predicting Crystal Growth Morphology
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Pharmaceutical Solid State Chemistry
  • Shorten research time and accelerate drug development project progress
Pharmaceutical Solid State Chemistry
  • Improve the success rate and recommend the best experimental conditions
Pharmaceutical Solid State Chemistry
  • Reduce R&D costs and reduce invalid experiments
Pharmaceutical Solid State Chemistry
  • Avoid empirical omissions and obtain comprehensive and reliable screening results

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