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Hydraulic Modelling of Clean Water Systems


Clean water system is an important auxiliary system to ensure the normal and stable operation of the chemical system. Generally, water treatment equipment includes advanced stainless steel water purifer systems, device automatic RO system industrial clean water systems and some types of moulding machines for industry. Researcher have developed multiple up-to-date hydraulic simulation models that represent the current operating performance of each system. Emergency response management, system anomalies detection, pressure control, energy use management can be achieved with the application of hydraulic modelling of clean water system. In addition, Alfa Chemistry helps to identify where your water is going and elevate engineering and operations efficiency by building reliable models.

Water Booster Pressure System model.Figure 1. Water Booster Pressure System model. (Diaz, C.; et al. 2017)

Hydraulic Modelling Can Be Used To:

  • Determine current system conditions.
  • Simulate future improvements and/or expansions.
  • Preliminary design.
  • Simulate operational changes (pumps on/off, exchangers on/off, valuing changes, etc.).
  • Identify and correct imbalances within each steam pressure level to avoid any unnecessary steam exhaust or letdown from a higher pressure.

Our Modelling Process

1. Combined with the estimation and distribution of clean water consumption, we integrate the static information of different chemical systems.

  • Powerful data processing capabilities
  • Connectivity check of pipe network
  • Organize and extract model data from multiple data sources

2. We perform hydraulic modeling and simulation calculations on the clean water system according to hydraulic theory.

  • Multiple model building tools
  • Automatic distribution and treatment of water demand
  • Intra-regional flow balance and clean water region analysis

3. We track the hydraulic operation status of the water supply system online, and simulate all pipelines in real time.

  • Real-time data chart
  • Dynamically display the operation of pumps and valves
  • Multiple network view
  • Simulation function for integrated water quality and real-time control

Our services

Alfa Chemistry provides high-quality hydraulic modelling of clean water systems for you. Our ability to precisely tune simulation models to represent current day operations sets us apart as the industry leader in simulation analysis. Our hydraulic modelling of clean water systems services include the following:

  • We can conduct system analysis for general system hydraulic analysis and advanced hydraulic analysis.
  • Our advanced hydraulic modelling software enables us to design and analyze a wide variety of hydraulic elements.
  • We can develop detailed hydraulic simulation models of any firewater, cooling water, steam, condensate, compressed air, process, etc., and validate these models against field data.
  • We are capable of developing multiple scenario models to ensure that recommendations to system deficiencies will result in desired performance.

Features of Our Services

  • Hydraulic model establishment
  • Hydraulic calculation analysis and operation
  • Water quality model
  • Clean water system planning, design and optimal dispatch
  • Pipe network safety analysis
  • Plan management
  • Pipe network leakage control
  • Model check

What Can We Offer?

  • Plan intelligently and deliver clean water safely
  • Model water system operations accurately
  • Make reliable decisions
  • Reduce emergency response time
  • Deliver high-quality design projects with minimal capital investments
  • Improve team productivity with sustainable GIS- and CAD-integrated hydraulic models

Application of Our Modelling Services

  • The obtained hydraulic information such as the flow rate, pressure drop, flow rate and pressure of the chemical process provides a basis for the scheduling and management of the chemical system.
  • Our well designed model can be automatically verified to realize the integration of model analysis and daily management according to real-time data.
  • Our experts can analyze the causes of reduced throughput and deliver the most efficient solutions with detailed simulation models.

Hydraulic modelling of clean water systems provides an effective way to optimize the chemical process. Our hydraulic modelling of clean water systems services remarkably reduce the cost, promote further experiments, and enhance the understanding of chemical process for customers worldwide. Our personalized and all-around services will satisfy your innovative study demands. If you are interested in our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are glad to cooperate with you and witness your success!


  • Diaz, C.; et al. Modeling and control of water booster pressure systems as flexible loads for demand response. Applied Energy, 2017, 204: 106-116.

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