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Compound Library Synthesis


What Is Compound Library Synthesis?

The compound library is a collection of entities or information composed of small molecule compounds according to specific characteristics (such as structure or function, etc.). Compound libraries can be used for high-throughput screening to identify potential drug leads, as well as for chemical biology studies to investigate the effects of compounds on biological systems.

Compound library synthesis refers to the process of designing and synthesizing a collection of different organic compounds. Synthesizing compound libraries involves significant time, resources and expertise, but it is an essential aspect of modern drug discovery and chemical research.

Our Compound Library Synthesis Services

At Alfa Chemistry, our technical services in compound library synthesis provide a comprehensive solution for the creation of diverse compound libraries.

Compound Library Design

Compound Library Design

Automated Synthesis

Automated Synthesis

Analysis and Purification

Analysis & Purification

Compound Library Design

Relying on our experienced team of chemists and advanced AI-assisted synthesis technology, Alfa Chemistry's solutions can cover various compound library projects, including but not limited to:

  • Active compound library
  • Natural product library
  • Drug-like compound library
  • Compound libraries targeting diversity
  • Compound libraries targeting specific disease targets

Automated Compound Library Synthesis

Combined with our automated synthesis platform, Alfa Chemistry is capable of efficient high-throughput parallel synthesis. Our automated synthesis system covers a series of processes such as pre-treatment, synthesis, post-treatment, purification and analysis to maximize the automation of synthesis and ensure synthesis stability and reproducibility. In addition, our synthesis platform covers more than 80% of common reaction types, such as:

  • All standard transformations: amidations, alkylations, arylations, reductive aminations, etc.
  • Removal of protective groups after reaction: Boc-, t-Bu, MOM, THP, etc.
  • Transition metal catalyzed reactions: Stille, Buchwald-Hartwig, Suzuki, etc.
  • Ring closure reactions
  • Photoredox-catalyzed alkyl-aryl coupling reaction

Product Analysis and Purification

Alfa Chemistry also has complete high-throughput separation and purification equipment and analytical testing platforms to ensure high-quality delivery of compound libraries. For example, we can perform reverse-phase preparative HPLC purification of synthetic compounds to ensure they meet purity requirements.

Advantages of Our Compound Library Synthesis

Massive Building Block Inventory Massive Building Block Inventory

Alfa Chemistry has 80,000+ monomer and combinatorial chemistry-specific reagents available for library design to support the diverse needs of compound library synthesis.

Automated Synthesis Platform Automated Synthesis Platform

Our automated synthesis platform has powerful parallel reaction capabilities and can realize 7×24h automated high-throughput synthesis reactions. In addition, the automated synthesis platform ensures synthesis stability, reduces human error, and can replace manual dangerous experiments.

Choose Alfa Chemistry

At Alfa Chemistry, we prioritize quality control, and every compound undergoes rigorous quality control tests to ensure that the synthesized compound libraries meet the client's specifications. Our clients can expect to receive detailed reports detailing the synthetic routes, the yields obtained, as well as the analytical data of the final compound. Our compound library synthesis services remarkably reduce the cost, promote further experiments, and accelerate the process of chemical or drug design for customers worldwide.

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