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Chiral Chemistry


What Is Chiral Chemistry?

The enantiomers of chiral molecules are identical in composition, and their physical and chemical properties are also identical in an achiral environment, such as having the same melting point, boiling point, density, chemical reaction, solubility, spectral properties, etc. However, in chiral environments, such as in biological systems, they can behave quite differently. For example, enantiomers of chiral drugs exhibit different physiological activities in vivo.

Chiral chemistry has applications in areas such as drug discovery, agriculture, and materials science. Chiral drugs accounted for 14 of the top 20 best-selling drugs in the world in 2019. The development of chiral drugs is still the top priority in current drug development. In the field of agriculture, the use of single-configuration chiral pesticides not only protects plants, increases food production, but also saves resources and reduces the harm of invalid isomers to the environment. The study of chiral materials is also an important aspect, such as the study of the chiral helical structure of proteins and their physiological functions, and the study of the liquid crystal properties of chiral liquid crystal materials.

Chiral Chemistry

What We Do in Chiral Chemistry

At Alfa Chemistry, our goal is to achieve economical, safe and environmentally friendly chemical synthesis. Combining powerful computational chemistry capabilities and automated synthesis platforms, Alfa Chemistry provides you with more efficient and cost-effective chiral chemistry solutions, from design, synthesis, separation to analysis of chiral molecules. In addition, we focus on the development of more efficient and highly selective chiral reagents and catalysts, and are committed to the precise creation of chiral substances.

  • Computer Aided Design of Chiral Molecules

The design of chiral molecules is an important link in the development of chiral drugs, catalysts and materials. Our chiral molecular computer-aided design capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Computer-aided drug design (including molecular mechanics methods, quantum mechanics methods and molecular dynamics methods, etc.)
  • Computer-aided design for asymmetric catalysis (including catalytic activity evaluation, catalyst selectivity modeling and prediction, large-scale virtual screening, screening of chiral molecular libraries, evaluation of catalyst substrate range, etc.)
  • Computer-aided design of chiral materials (such as computational screening of chiral organic semiconductors, design of chiral negative refractive index materials)
  • Automated Synthesis of Chiral Molecules

Our automated synthesis workstations synthesize carefully designed chiral molecules with high efficiency. Additionally, our large-scale inventory of synthesis reagents and catalysts ensures rapid delivery of automated synthesis projects.

  • Analysis of Chiral Molecules

The stereochemical analysis and research of chiral compounds is very important, such as the determination of the absolute configuration (AC) of chiral molecules. Common analytical methods used to determine the AC of chiral molecules include nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and chromatography (such as optical rotation spectroscopy, electron circular dichroism, vibration circular dichroism and vibration Raman spectroscopy).

In addition, harnessing the power of computational chemistry, our theoretical methods and tools for analyzing reactions and stereoselectivity include:

  • Quantum chemical methods (combined quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) and QM/QM methods as well as Kohn-Sham density functional theory (DFT))
  • Distortion–interaction and fragmentation studies
  • Atoms-in-molecules (AIM) analysis and noncovalent interaction (NCI) plot
  • Natural bond orbital (NBO) and electrostatic potentials (ESPs)

NBO quantification of interactions in CPA catalysisNBO quantification of interactions in CPA catalysis [1]

Choose Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry has powerful computational chemistry capabilities and automated synthesis platforms, which are sufficient to assist you in your desired chiral chemistry exploration. Our chiral chemistry solutions are designed to support your chiral compound synthesis, chiral drug design and development, asymmetric catalyst design and discovery, etc.

Experienced synthetic chemists and automated synthesis workstations running 7*24 hours provide a strong guarantee for our high-quality, standardized, and efficient delivery of projects. To get started with our services, or to discuss our capabilities with a member of our expert team, contact us today.


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