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Automated Chemical Synthesis


Automated Technology Speeds Up Chemical Synthesis

In the past, designing a new chemical synthesis was time-consuming and labor-intensive, involving a lot of tedious work, such as mixing chemicals, measuring temperature, analyzing the results, and so on. If not successful, you will need to start the above process again.

If science has algorithms, it has the possibility of automation. Now, relying on powerful computational chemistry capabilities and an advanced automated synthesis platform, Alfa Chemistry makes efficient amplified chemical synthesis possible!

Our artificial intelligence-accelerated automated chemical synthesis service covers a series of solutions such as synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry, and medicinal chemistry, aiming to provide professional and efficient chemical synthesis services for global biopharmaceutical companies.

Automated Chemical Synthesis

Automated Chemical Synthesis Solutions

Whether you encounter challenges in the field of conventional medicinal chemistry or professional chemistry, you can get satisfactory solutions in Alfa Chemistry. We are ready to be your best support team.

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Alfa Chemistry is worthy of your trust in many aspects from technology, team to facilities.

Automated Chemical Synthesis

Artificial Intelligence & Automation

  • Artificial intelligence optimized synthetic route design
  • High-throughput experiments through automation
  • Repeatable and standardized results
  • Allows for parallel synthesis and multi-step reactions

Experienced Team

  • Scientists with years of industry experience
  • >70% with advanced degrees
  • Flexible Collaboration Model

Advanced Facilities & Instruments

  • Advanced automated synthesis workstation
  • Comprehensive Analytical Systems and Instruments
  • Standardized laboratory and safety management

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