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Alfa Chemistry possesses a powerful team of experts in chemistry, biology, mathematics, crystallography, and pharmacology. Our services focus on computational chemistry, drug design and synthesis, and functional materials. We are devoted to integrating computational chemistry with customers' needs, and providing high-quality services for you.

  • Prospect of Computational Chemistry

Computational chemistry is an attractive field involving computer simulations and chemistry, exploring new trends of pharmaceutical and biomedical development. Molecular property prediction, chemical reaction calculation, computer-aided drug design and synthesis, and functional materials properties prediction play a critical role, which will attract more and more attention from researchers.

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Alfa Chemistry can provide you with professional, quick, accurate computational chemistry services. We are committed to applying novel and advanced algorithms to our high-quality services to meet your scientific needs and deal with your related problems. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for all the details!

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